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Feb 14, 2022 MOST Staff

The Tutors offer MOST Families ACT Prep & More!

          The Tutors       &           MOST_LOGO Salmon

Founded by brothers Faris and Zane Haykal, The Tutors offers elite 1:1 or 2:1 tutoring and mentoring... and they are offering it to M.O.S.T. students at a discount.

    Test Prep: ACT, SAT, etc.

       Begin prepping or prepare to bring up your scores

       MOST students: 5 summer sessions - $275

     One-on-One Tutoring

       Individualized attention & tailored strategies to supplement learning for subjects in which you might need a little extra

       MOST students: $45 per session

     Next Steps?

       Email Abbey Cowens –

  •     Student name, grade, email
  •     Parent name, email, best phone number
  •     Type of tutoring services needed

 A note from The Tutors: Our goal in academic tutoring is to help students help themselves. We teach study skills and help explain concepts in math, science, English/grammar, essay writing, foreign languages, and standardized test prep. However, academic tutoring is intended to supplement, not replace, what students are already learning in school. We do NOT complete students’ homework for them, write essays for them, or aid on graded take-home quizzes/tests. Both to abide by schools’ honor codes and for students’ own long-term benefit, students should come in ready to do their own work.

Published by MOST Staff February 14, 2022