Are options out of reach for Memphis parents?

The odds are stacked against some children in Memphis.

You want a different future for Memphis

And you know that it all depends on creating a new future for the next generation.

If there was a practical way to open the doors of opportunity for truly dedicated families, then...

  • Hope for the future wouldn't just be a dream

  • Educational options would be accessible

  • Children could access education that matches their unique needs

  • The path to reaching their full potential would be attainable

how donors find leverage that leads to change

Which pathways can deliver the most change?

Understand the donor options that are creating the greatest impact. Here's the evidence.

The Top 3 Reasons Educational Doors Are Staying Closed

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1. Forced to rely upon IEPs + resource classes.

When parents look for education that is a better match for their child's needs or potential, the limited available resources don't bridge the gap.

2. Leaning into talent-based scholarships.

When the options are only open to those with unique skills, just a few find success. They can only get access based on exceptional talent or a large investment of time and money that most Memphis parents cannot afford.
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volunteers at a food bank

3. Focusing on social charities alone.

Meeting social needs can address critical current needs, but only provides a temporary lift that leaves children and families in the exact same situation and doesn't change their educational outcomes.

A one-size-fits-all approach to education cannot unlock the future for underserved kids.

What if you could invest in a child’s potential?