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Nov 17, 2022 MOST Staff

Requalification Instructions

Please read this page before filling out the Requalification Form, as failure to submit the proper paperwork by the deadline may result in the loss of your scholarship.

Please add any younger siblings (those entering PK3, PK4, kindergarten or grades 1-2) of current M.O.S.T. Scholars to the Requalification Form.

Please check the Income Eligibility Scale to determine if your family is eligible to receive a M.O.S.T. scholarship. If your previous year’s income was greater than the maximum income for your household size, you are no longer eligible for a scholarship and should not submit a Requalification Form. If this is the case, please let the M.O.S.T. office know that you will
not be reapplying, or that you are over the income limit, but have extenuating circumstances.

Required Documents

1. A Requalification Form, signed and dated.

2. Proof of all individuals living in your home as described here:
You must be able to prove that you are financially responsible for all individuals that you list as being part of your household - listed on your tax return or on documentation of government aid. If a child is listed on someone else's tax return, we must either count that person's income as part of your total household income, or see proof of the financial support (as described in the next section) provided by that person. 

3. Utility Bill for Home (proof of address) 

4. Driver's License (proof of address)

5. Proof of all income received in previous calendar year:
  a.) A copy of your signed Form 1040 tax return (and Schedule C, if self-employed), along with copies of all employer-issued W-2s and/or 1099s.
  b.) Documentation of the amount of any goverment assistance (Families First, SSI, Food Stamps, etc.) received in the previous year. 
  c.) Documentation of any child support received in the previous year. If the support is court-ordered, provide a Custodial Parent Payment Summary. If child support is not court-ordered, have the paying party sign a statement detailing how much was provided in the previous year. 
  d.) Documentation of any other income received in the previous year that is not shown on your tax return. 

6. You must submit a copy of the birth certificate for any qualifying younger sibling that you wish to add to the program.

A M.O.S.T. Scholarship is not guaranteed until all required paperwork is received and verified. 

For questions, please email us at

Published by MOST Staff November 17, 2022