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Mar 08, 2023 MOST Staff

Partner School Spotlight: Harding Academy

Thanks to Harding Academy of Memphis Head of School Trent Williamson, pictured above with M.O.S.T.’s Salle Norton and Abbey Cowens, for leading a comprehensive tour of the school for M.O.S.T. staff in February. From the chemistry lab to the ceramics studio and all in between, it’s clear that Harding puts students first, working every day to shape the next generation of community leaders in the Mid-South.

“We’re part of this city, and as a Christian institution, we feel we should be speaking to all corners of the community,” said Trent. “We are building leaders for the future that will tend to the broken corners of the community and work actively to lift us all in the process.”

We saw several M.O.S.T. students hard at work at their studies. Because of their parents, the school, and our generous donors, they have access to this awesome academic community, inspiring them to be lifelong learners and leaders.

Check out their website here.

Published by MOST Staff March 8, 2023