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Aug 22, 2023 MOST Staff

M.O.S.T. McDonnell Scholar Madison ‘Madi’ Sanders Gets Early Taste of Dream Job in Summer Law Internship Program

As the school year began, we heard from Madison ‘Madi’ Sanders, a sophomore at St. George’s Independent School, on their Collierville campus, and a M.O.S.T. McDonnell Scholar. After hearing about the opportunity through M.O.S.T., Madi applied for and was accepted to Memphis Bar Association’s Summer Law Internship Program, known as SLIP.

The Summer Law Intern Program provides Black, Latinx, and other minority high school students the opportunity to experience the daily legal workplace of private law firms, corporate law divisions, and governmental agencies. Madi is the second M.O.S.T. McDonnell Scholar in as many years to participate in SLIP.

Here’s her story, in her words.

The program lasted four weeks and I got to experience working alongside three different judges throughout that time. I also got to tour the jail, which was so scary. But the overall experience was amazing and I met so many people that I know will lead me on a great path.

Along the way I met three amazing judges- Judge Lee Wilson, Magistrate Taylor Bachelor, and Judge Danielle Mitchell. I was originally only assigned Judge Danielle Mitchell, but she decided it would be a better experience for me if I time-shared with other judges who have careers in different departments.

Judge Danielle was always looking out for me and always encouraged me to ask questions. Even after the experience I was given the option to come back again next year. Studying and observing under these three individuals helped me to be more confident in what my future holds.

This amazing summer opportunity will most definitely help me throughout the school year. I participate in Mock Trial, which is a competition held amongst other schools in the district regarding a case we learn about over a course of three months. With the case being a criminal case this year, I’ve been placed at an advantage because of my experience this summer with watching trials and listening to court docs.

After high school, I plan to pursue my life-long dream of going to law school. Over the course of these next two years, I will be trying to visit my top five colleges and doing whatever to takes to get to my goal. Thank you to M.O.S.T. for connecting me with this opportunity, and for all the doors my scholarships have opened.

Published by MOST Staff August 22, 2023