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Feb 17, 2023 MOST Staff

Faces of M.O.S.T.- Board Member Collie Krausnick

Senior Managing Director at Raymond James

Memphis University School Class of 1979

What inspired you to support M.O.S.T. by serving on its board? The leadership and vision of founder Bob Solmson.

Thinking about your own educational experiences, what stands out as most impactful? The quality and dedication of the teachers at MUS created a culture in which it was truly fun to learn.

Tell readers about an outstanding educator in your life who impacted you. Bob Boelte at MUS, a great teacher and a character beyond belief.

What advice would you give M.O.S.T. students to keep them engaged in learning through the college years and beyond? Keep your head down but try to take it all in and have fun. College will offer you many more opportunities in your career.

What book are you reading right now? On Desperate Ground by Hampton Sides.

What’s your favorite music? I like it all but hard to beat classic rock like The Band.

What’s a movie you can watch any time it’s on? The Natural.

What’s your favorite Memphis restaurant? Now, that one can get you into trouble!

What’s your favorite thing to do on a day off? Golf, hunt, fish, or pretty much anything outdoors.

How would you show off Memphis to someone visiting? We’d start with a tour of the revitalization of Downtown Memphis and a look at the Mississippi River.

Who do you root for? The St. Louis Cardinals and Memphis Grizzlies.


Published by MOST Staff February 17, 2023