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At each of our 61 partner schools, we have a representative who serves as a liaison between MOST families and our office. These dedicated school employees not only collect and submit the paperwork necessary for us to process scholarships, but they also advocate for the families who benefit from the MOST program. We are thankful for these staff members and happy to highlight a few of them here.

Tricia Thomas, Assistant Director of Admission, St. George’s Independent School

TriciaThomas SGISRev

How long have you served as the MOST contact for the SGIS Memphis campus? This is my fifth year in the Admission Office at the SGIS Memphis campus and as our Lower School MOST representative. The MOST staff is always incredibly helpful and friendly. They all go above and beyond to help the families and schools they serve.

How do you think SGIS benefits from having MOST Scholars? The MOST program is well-respected in the Memphis community, and St. George’s is proud to be associated with an organization that does so much good for so many students. Families are often nervous about considering independent schools because they have heard about the associated costs. MOST makes a huge difference to families by reducing the amount they pay in tuition. Through MOST, an independent school can become a viable option for a family.

How do you think MOST Scholars benefit from attending your school? MOST provides opportunities for students who may not otherwise get to attend an independent school and receive a great foundation for lifelong learning. I have no doubt we would lose some of our outstanding students if they did not receive the additional scholarship money from MOST.

How do you view MOST’s impact in the Memphis area? MOST does an excellent job of partnering high-quality Memphis-area schools with families who truly value their child’s education. Because MOST encourages the same values that we strive to encourage in our students and families, we appreciate the partnership we have with MOST.

What attracted you to St. George’s? Having spent half of my life in independent schools, I thought I knew everything there was to know, until I heard more about St. George’s three-campus model and the school’s commitment to transformative diversity. I love watching our teachers create active, experiential learning for our students, and am proud that we provide the St. George’s experience to families who might not otherwise have that opportunity.

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Lisa Cole, Business Director, Tipton-Rosemark Academy

LisaCole TRA

How long have you served as TRA’s MOST representative? I have served as the MOST contact for about 12 years, and my experience has been great. MOST staff members are always pleasant to work with and knowledgeable about the MOST families. They keep you well informed at various stages in the scholarship process and are always available to answer questions.

How do you think TRA benefits from having MOST Scholars? The MOST scholarship allows students who may not otherwise look to attend our school to come and be a part of our family. The school benefits from these families jumping right in and serving on committees, working in the concession stands, and other numerous ways of service. Our student body benefits as these MOST Scholars join our sports teams, participate in school plays, run for student government, and more.      

How do you think MOST Scholars benefit from attending TRA? While we don’t have a large number of MOST Scholars at Tipton-Rosemark, those whom we did and do have are always appreciative of the opportunity to attend a private school. The families receiving scholarships definitely could not afford to send their children to our school without this assistance.

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Carol Buzelin, Finance Manager, Pleasant View School

CarolBuzelin PVS

How long have you worked at PVS? I have been working at PVS for four years. I used to work for a language school in Brazil, and when I moved to Memphis, I thought that it would be great if I could still work in an educational setting.

How long have you served as the PVS contact for MOST? I have been working with MOST since I started at PVS, and I love it. The administrators are friendly, and I like their organization and consistency when it comes to paperwork and deadlines. 

How do you think PVS benefits from having MOST Scholars? As a community school, we are interested in helping children in the Memphis area by having them grow under the umbrella of Islam. It is gratifying to see our enrollment grow every year. Many families are able to attend PVS solely because they are receiving MOST scholarship.

How do you think MOST Scholars benefit from attending PVS? Since we are the only Islamic School in the Memphis area, it is important for our families that their children attend PVS, and this would not be possible for some families if it was not for MOST. 

Name something you love about PVS. I love the fact that we are making positive changes in our students’ lives by making them into contributing members of our global community while instilling in them Islamic values that will help shape them in to well-rounded individuals.

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Gina Hall, Controller, Westminster Academy

GinaHall Westminster

How long have you served as your school’s contact with the MOST office? I have worked with MOST since its inception. The staff is pleasant and easy to work with. Instructions for all of the necessary forms are clear and concise. It’s hard to believe that MOST accomplishes all it does with just a few employees.

How do you think WA benefits from having MOST Scholars? Our MOST Scholars contribute to the culture of our school in every way—spiritually, academically, athletically, and socially. It is indeed helpful to be able to tell families that our school accepts MOST scholarships. It is a valuable benefit that helps enable some of our families to afford our school. I have been privileged to follow several of our MOST scholars from the time they were young children through college and beyond. 

How do you think MOST Scholars benefit from attending WA? Children at our school learn to reason, discern, and apply truth by way of Scripture and the classical liberal arts. Some of our students would not be able to receive this unique education were it not for MOST. I remember witnessing a mom in tears, grateful upon hearing the news that her child had been awarded a MOST scholarship. That was what made the difference in their being able to enroll both of their children at Westminster that year.

Name something you love about Westminster. It has been an incredible privilege to have been involved with Westminster from its beginning. All four of my children graduated from Westminster; in fact, they never attended another school until they went to college. They benefited immeasurably from the foundation they received here at Westminster.

How do you view MOST’s impact in the Memphis area? I love the mission of MOST, especially the fact that the scholarships are all privately funded, and I think MOST has had a positive effect on our community. I also appreciate MOST’s commitment not just to the child, but also to the family, in that once a student receives a MOST scholarship, their eligible younger siblings can receive one also.

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