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Requalification Paperwork

MOST families must show proof of their financial eligibility each year by submitting a new Requalification Form and documentation of all prior year’s income. This must be submitted by the stated deadline (usually in late March) or families risk losing the scholarships. Please note that this deadline is before the federal government’s tax deadline, so it is preferred that you complete your tax return early in order to meet the MOST deadline. MOST reserves the right to rescind any scholarship offers if all paperwork (including the School Commitment Form) is not turned in by August 1.

Scholarship Verification Reports (SVRs)

Twice a year, MOST will send SVRs to the schools, and the schools will contact the parents/guardians about coming in to sign the form, which verifies the students’ continued enrollment at the schools. MOST will not make the scholarship payment for any student whose form has not been signed.

Financial Responsibility

Families must stay current on tuition payments. MOST will generally let the school and family work out any financial difficulties between themselves and establish payment plans, but if the school determines that a family is not acting in good faith and requires that student be withdrawn, MOST will also withdraw its scholarship funding as of the date the student leaves the school.

High School GPA Requirements

To apply for our High School Scholars Program, eighth-graders must have at least a C average. MOST Scholars in grades 9 through 12 must achieve the following minimum GPAs to receive a scholarship for the next year:

  • Grade 9 — 2.5 GPA (and no failing final grades in any subject)

  • Grade 10 — 2.75 GPA (and no failing final grades in any subject)

  • Grade 11 — 3.0 GPA (and no failing final grades in any subject)

*Note: There is no GPA requirement for students in PK3 through grade 8.