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General High School Scholarship

Each spring, MOST accepts High School Scholarship applications from eighth-graders who are currently receiving a MOST scholarship and will enter ninth grade in the fall. MOST believes that high school students should begin taking more personal responsibility for their education, so the students must complete a scholarship application, including short-answer questions and a brief essay. High School Scholarship amounts are based on the same income eligibility scale as for younger students.

In February, grade 8 MOST scholars will receive an application packet at their schools. Please make sure your child receives it, follows all instructions, and meets all deadlines. The application deadline is Friday, March 11, 2022. Applications postmarked after March 11 or hand-delivered to the MOST office after 4:00 p.m. that day will not be accepted. Please contact us as soon after your child has received the High School Scholarship application if you have any questions about how to complete it.

Note: MOST will continue to collect student grades and conduct information throughout high school. If a student receives a final semester grade of a D or an F during high school, the scholarship will be up for review.

McDonnell Scholarship

In addition to the general High School Scholarship, MOST eighth-graders may also apply for the highly selective McDonnell Scholarship, which will be awarded to up to seven students each year. Honoring students who exhibit outstanding academic promise, leadership, and character, the McDonnell Scholarship is valued at up to $2,500.

  • Example: If rising ninth-grader Jane Doe qualifies for the general MOST High School Scholarship maximum of $3,000 and is selected as a McDonnell Scholar at the $2,500 maximum, then she would receive a total of $5,500 in MOST scholarships for the school year.

Application Process

Step 1: Student designates on the MOST High School Scholarship application that they are interested in applying for the McDonnell Scholarship. Only those who return the application by the March deadline, have marked that they want to apply for the McDonnell Scholarship, and have received teacher recommendations will be included in the next steps.

Step 2: MOST contacts the student in late March to schedule a time to complete a standardized test and a writing assignment at the MOST office. During that time, the student will also have an interview with two to three members of the MOST board and staff.

Step 3: MOST sends out McDonnell Scholarship acceptances to applicants and families via email and letter in late May.

Requirements to maintain the McDonnell Scholarship through grade 12:

  • Family requalifies financially each year
  • Yearly academic review (with a goal to maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher)
  • Student provides annual write-up detailing challenges faced and growth experienced and highlighting personal/academic interests and school/extracurricular involvement.
  • Annual review meeting with MOST staff