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Do you qualify?

To submit a MOST pre-application, each student must meet all three of the following requirements:

  • Place of Residence — Applicants must be residents of Shelby County.
  • Student Grade Level — Students must be entering PK3, PK4, kindergarten, or grade 1 in the 2019-20 school year. The only exception to these grade levels is an older student (entering grade 2 through 8) who has had a recent individually administered psychoeducational evaluation that determines the child has an intellectual or developmental disability, dyslexia, attention deficits, autism spectrum disorder, or a defined social-emotional need and is looking to attend one of the following schools or programs: Bodine School, Bowie Center Day School, Concord Academy, Holy Rosary Catholic School's ANGEL Program or The Learning Center, Madonna Learning Center, Northpoint Christian School's REACH program, The Phoenix School for Creative Learning, Shady Oaks School, St. Benedict at Auburndale's PLUS program, or St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School's PLUS program.*
  • Family Income — Applying families must meet our income eligibility guidelines, which change annually.

*Note: Public schools offer many special-education resources, so we encourage you to check with the special-education office of your public school district first, as your child’s needs might best be met for free.

2019-20 Income Eligibility Scale

Household Size*    Maximum Total 2018 Income**

         2                           $44,442
         3                           $56,106
         4                           $67,770
         5                           $79,434
         6                           $91,098
         7                           $102,762
         8                           $114,426

*For each additional family member, add $11,664.

**Total income includes all earned income, Social Security income, child support, and government assistance.

Once a student receives a MOST scholarship, he or she can remain on the program through grade 8, as long as the family is still financially eligible. During the second semester of eighth grade, current MOST Scholars can apply for the merit-based MOST High School Scholars Program, as long as their families remain financially eligible.