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How to Apply

Each February, MOST accepts online pre-applications for our scholarship lottery. Before submitting a pre-application, all interested parents should make sure that they meet the eligibility requirements before submitting a pre-application.

MOST receives hundreds more pre-applications than it can fund, so scholarships are awarded by lottery and are not guaranteed. In March, all pre-applicants will receive information about their application status via email.

Once a student receives a MOST scholarship, they can remain on the program through grade 8 if the family is still financially eligible. During the second semester of eighth grade, current MOST Scholars can apply for the MOST High School Scholarship and the Founder's Scholarship, as long as their families remain financially eligible.

Note: Parents of current MOST scholarship recipients should not go through the pre-application process; they will be able to renew their scholarships through the requalification paperwork given to them by their children’s schools in late February.

MOST Partner Schools

MOST scholarships can be used at 56 private schools in Shelby County, but make sure the school you're interested in is on our partner schools list.