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This set of Frequently Asked Questions is about Partner Schools of MOST. Please also see:

How can our students get a MOST scholarship?

Each fall, MOST provides its partner schools with a flyer to give to families they think might qualify for a scholarship. Application information is also available on the MOST website for anyone looking for a scholarship and the qualifications. The only opportunity for a new family to receive a scholarship is by going through the pre-application lottery in February, and we ask that you do not give families false hope by suggesting that they contact us during the school year if they are having financial difficulties.

If a MOST Scholar leaves our school, can we add another student to replace that child?

No, there is not a set number of MOST scholarships for each school. We will fill that student’s spot during the next application season with a student who may or may not attend your school.

Where can I find replacement Requalification, School Commitment, and Exit Forms?

Please see our Documents and Forms page.

How and when do schools receive MOST scholarship funds?

MOST scholarship funds are always paid directly to schools — never to families. Twice a year (in September and February), we will send to the school represetnation the Scholarship Verification Reports (SVRs) for the parents to sign, verifying that their child is still enrolled in your school. Once we have received all of the completed SVRs from the school, we will issue a check for 50 percent of the total scholarship amount for each child, usually in October and March.

If a student leaves our school mid-year, will that affect the scholarship payment?

Yes, MOST scholarships are paid to schools based on the amount of time a student has attended the school, rounded to the nearest half-month (5 percent of the annual scholarship amount). If a student leaves the school before the end of the semester but after the semester’s check has been issued, the school will need to reimburse MOST for the amount of the scholarship that was unused. MOST will make the necessary calculations and contact you about reimbursement.

If our school is not listed as a partner school, how can we get on the list?

Please contact Leanne McQuown (lmcquown [at] memphisscholarships [dot] org) for more information about partnering with MOST.

Other questions? Please contact us.