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This set of Frequently Asked Questions applies to families who already have children who are receiving MOST scholarships. Please also see:

Can I put my scholarship on hold?

For students in PK3 through grade 7, you may put a MOST scholarship on a one-time, one-year hold by filling out a Declining Scholarship Survey. After submitting the form via mail or fax, please call or email MOST to confirm that we have received it and that it is in your child's file, as we cannot reactivate any scholarships for which we do not have this form on file. Because of the merit-based component of our High School Scholars program, we do not allow holds for students in grades 8 through 12. 

Can I transfer my MOST scholarship to another school?

As long as a family does not have a balance due at the school the student is leaving, scholarships may be transferred between schools a maximum of two times (not counting transfers due to graduation from a school's highest grade). Transfers may occur either during the school year or between school years. Stability is very important in a child's education, so we would urge all parents and guardians to consider carefully the decision to transfer a student, particularly during the school year.

To transfer schools, the parent or guardian must request that the school the student is leaving send MOST an Exit Form showing a zero balance for tuition and fees and that the school to which the child is transferring send MOST a School Commitment Form. Many schools keep these forms on hand, but they are also available on our Documents and Forms page. The MOST family does not need to do any additional paperwork.

Can I add siblings of my current MOST Scholar?

By February 1 of each year, MOST determines whether we will be able to add new students to the program. If we are able to add new students, our first priority is always siblings of current MOST Scholars. Typically, we only add students who will be entering PK3, PK4, kindergarten, or first grade. Under some circumstances, we might be able to add older students, but this is limited and on a case-by-case basis.

You do not need to go through the new student pre-application process to add siblings of current MOST scholars. You simply add the siblings to the Requalification Form you receive in the spring from your school and attach a copy of that child's birth certificate.

Other questions? Please contact us.