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Providing educational choice in Memphis

The mission of MOST is to give Memphis-area families the opportunity to send their children to the schools that best fit their needs, regardless of financial circumstances or ZIP code. To fulfill its mission, MOST offers partial need-based scholarships, beginning in PK3 through grade 2, to qualifying families who wish to send their children to private schools.

We are NOT...

  • Anti-public-schools: MOST supports great schools wherever they are and however they are funded. 

  • A handout: MOST helps lower-income families meet their financial responsibility at schools that charge tuition. There is a partnership among MOST, the schools, and the parents, who must contribute financially toward the cost of their children's education at a private school.

  • Only for “the head of the class”: There are no academic requirements to become a MOST Scholar, as we believe that every child deserves a chance to receive the education that best fits their needs. We accept new students entering PK3, PK4, and kindergarten through grade 2 based on the family's financial need. Research proves time and again that the first years of a child's educational experience set the tone for how a child learns in subsequent years.

How MOST scholarships work

Families who qualify financially may apply for a scholarship for their preschooler, kindergartner, first-grader, or special-needs child. Note: Each February, MOST receives hundreds more pre-applications than it can fund, so the scholarships are awarded by lottery in the spring before school starts in August. The parents or guardians of MOST Scholars choose the schools they believe are the best fit for their children, and MOST pays the scholarship funds directly to the chosen schools.

Scholarship amounts are determined based on a combination of the family’s income, household size, and the portion of tuition they are expected to pay. The current average scholarship is $2,769 per year.

MOST Scholars who remain financially eligible continue to receive their scholarships through grade eight. During the second semester of eighth grade, MOST Scholars can apply for the MOST High School Scholars Program and the Founder's Scholarship, and their families must remain financially eligible.

Children's Scholarship Fund Network

CSF Logo

MOST is part of the Children’s Scholarship Fund (CSF) national network of scholarship-granting organizations. CSF and its partner programs are committed to empowering families in need with the ability to choose the K–8 schools that best meet their children’s needs, regardless of their ability to pay or where they live. For more information, please visit